The first time I felt drawn to the world of investing/real estate was when I:

Getting my first large commission check from sales, and when I opened up the pay stub, I was gutted at how much had been withheld for federal income tax. Basically half my large check, never even made it into my hands. Because ordinary income is taxed at the highest bracket, it was withheld and I had to figure out how I could keep more of what I earned. There had to be a better way. So I started researching how I can minimize my tax liability, which led me to researching different ways to make money. I found real estate, which is a very broad industry, with lots of ways to get involved and create and keep wealth.

I didn’t want another job (at the time), so fix and flip, or wholesaling didn’t make sense.

I didn’t want to buy single family homes for renting, the risk was too great.

Note investing sounded cool, but I couldn’t find anyone to teach me and it didn’t seem scalable.

But apartments, that made sense. It made 100% crystal clear sense.

But then, I hit this hurdle that felt nearly impossible to overcome:

I started reading as much as I could about apartment investing, listening to podcasts, trying to get as much information as I could into my very curious and motivated mind. As much as I tried to build a baseline of what I need to know about the industry and how it makes money. I didn’t know HOW to do it. How do you learn to underwrite? What software do I use? Where do I get the money to buy large apartment complexes? How do you buy a large apartment complex? Who can teach me this? How am I going to find time to do this? What market do I pick? How do I select a market? What is the right “niche” for me? 25 to 50 units? 75 to 100? What do I ask a broker? How do I sound credible?

I also had a big hang up about money, about asking people to join me in a venture to buy real estate, to take on that responsibility of ownership for their capital. There was a lot of personal growth moments and opportunities that I had to work through, but at the time, was very difficult and difficult to see past.

I was emotionally devastated because I wasn’t sure if I could

Working two jobs as Technology Value-add Reseller (VAR) sales executive with an engineering background, it was still hard work winning deals, growing my book of business and learning how to successfully buy multifamily apartments, all while growing a family. 

6 years later, after many books, lots of coaches and mentors, lots of cash invested in my education. I am grateful to say than I have found tremendous success in both aspects of my life.

But I knew there had to be a better way because:

Other people had done it. Grant Cardone was doing it, he made it look easy. Plus, I was a tech guy, I had built a computer from scratch, I stood up storage and virtualization systems, things that would make the average person’s head spin – I could figure this out. Plus, I had recently completed the Tony Robbins workshop, UPW so I was firing on all cylinders!

After many trials and tribulations, I eventually took a new course of action (e.g, met a mentor who shared with me/read a book that taught me/learned for myself) that:

About 8 months have passed since the decision to invest in multifamily real estate, I was still reading books, and listening to shows. I found a real estate educational platform that provided the resources and the network to help me learn everything I needed to know to do my first deal. I felt empowered and supported. I joined a group that provided exactly what I needed and realized, how much I enjoy the real estate industry, specifically multifamily. I found, would would be a new career for me to embark on, one where I wouldn’t be a passive investor, one where I was actively involved in apartment investing.

Of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, I had a partner, and I allowed myself to get distracted with buying a handful (together) of single family homes for rent in Midland TX, and I inherited a terrible renter, a string of two of them back to back by the way. I did learn that single family rental homes are awful investments, both time and money. If you’re going to endure the brain damage of a transaction, make it worthwhile – buy an apartment!

Now, I can serve others by:

  • Showing elite level technology and software sales professionals how to turn their sales commission checks into passive income and passive wealth generation, which will;
  • Create passive income
  • Reduce tax liabilities (discuss with a CPA)
  • Put your money to work without stopping what makes you so successful – selling
  • Creating a sustainable future where you’re not one lost sale away from being on the streets
  • Helping you build F-U money
  • Diversifying your exposure, apartment investing does very well during economic downturns, recessions and inflationary times, the same cannot be said for your tech sales job

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